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Frequently Asked Questions

Semaglutide is most commonly used for medical weight loss. It is an active ingredient found in popular brand name medications such as Wegovy®, Ozempic®, and Rybelsus®.

Semaglutide works primarily by suppressing appetite and helping you to feel full longer. This will aid you in eating less and losing weight.

Injections are administered once weekly. Program length will vary depending on weight loss goals, tolerance, and patient preference. See our nurse to discuss program options.

Individual results will vary depending on several factors including your diet, exercise habits, weight loss goals, current BMI, adherence to the program, etc.

In certain studies, individuals have lost up to 30 pounds using semaglutide for weight loss.

You will need to consult with our medical team for a thorough evaluation to determine eligibility. However absolute exclusion criteria include the following: 

• You are pregnant or breastfeeding
• You are diabetic or currently taking any medications for diabetes
• You are currently taking medication for another medical weight loss program
• You have a personal or family history of thyroid cancer